Commissioned work

Zielsverbondenheid-Sietse W. JonkerBesides his free art work Sietse W. Jonker also takes care of commissioned work for companies as well as for individuals.

Valuable and unique
Do you want to have a painting of a beloved object of  particular value? Do you own a certain object you feel emotionally connected to? Do you want to decorate your office room with a special painting or is your company celebrating something and is a painting a suitable present? For all kind of these possibilities you can come to Sietse.

The working method
Before starting the painting, the commission is discussed with the customer in a very careful way, in which the longings and the idea’s of the customer takes a central part. With this conversation in mind a concept sketch is made and turned over to the customer. When there is an agreement with this concept the commission will proceed and be worked out with paintwork.
Click on the image on the right for a beautiful example of this process.

For more information or for a commission you can contact Sietse.
Of course sending  directly an e-mail is also possible.

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