“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

In the same way as his maker, painting is for Sietse W. Jonker a personal creative action. He makes something "to become" in this world, so that it exists. Painting is, "in the beginning" especially, an urge to make a spiritual something material through which it can manifest itself in the for humans visible world.

The idea to create on a two-dimensional surface a three-dimensional world intrigues Sietse Jonker. With only little sticks with hairs, the brushes, and some colored paste, the paint, creating "worlds" is for him an astonishing happening: a real miracle.

The meaning of a painting is difficult to define in a verbal way: it is an explanation of something that can't be caught in words. Correctly speaking, a painting is a thought: the presented image with the title could be an impulse to consideration.

On the other hand, the art of painting is for Sietse Jonker a centuries old craft. It is a difficult profession, not done easily and demanding a skilled craftsmanship.

But above all, it is amazing to discover that it is possible with only paint, to suggest all kinds of matter and also to create "space". Through this a painting delivers a lasting joy to the observer.