Painting technique

Early in his career, the need arose in Sietse Jonker to make painting work in a responsible way. For that purpose,a thorough knowledge of painting materials is indispensable. To fulfill this need, very soon after the education period, manuscripts were read and studied on the painting techniques of artists in the (distant) past. By doing this, Sietse Jonker developed, through time, a certain style which still is evolving. In fact, every painting goes through a very handicrafted and labour intensive process. In short, this process is as follows:

The surface is prepared with priming coats. A beginning is made by drawing quite a complete sketch which forms the base for the painting. This sketch is copied onto the surface. An imprimatura (a thin layer of color) is applied to the surface.
Next, the first painting layer is put over the imprimatura. This layer is done with tempera paint to organize the mutual tone properties.
The next phase is applying a varnish and the first layer of oil paint in thin color tones. The following layer is the actual painting, after which work continues with thin glacing layers.
This glazing deepens specific tones, gives more contrast and pulls together one of the most mysterious aspects of a painting: the skin of the paint

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